Trial Directions

Trial Directions is a website designed as a practical resource for criminal lawyers. The focus is on the law as it applies in New South Wales.

Each chapter collates the key authorities relevant to that topic or area, and provides a brief extract that sets out the relevant principles. Below that, longer and more detailed extracts provide the full context for the decision, extracted to assist in quickly understanding what the decision is about, and what it has to say.

I hope that this will be particularly useful for practitioners at the bar table or preparing for court, who need to quickly ascertain what the important judgments are on any particular issue, and access digestible summaries about what those judgments say.

I have intentionally avoided including judgments that simply repeat what prior judgments have said. Whilst I have focussed on judgments from New South Wales and the High Court, where authorities from other jurisdictions have been relied on in New South Wales Judgments, I have at various places included those too.

Matters arising generally out of the Evidence Act 1995, as well as specific criminal offences, are intentionally left to one side, given there already exist comprehensive and helpful reviews of those areas.

Whilst all care has been taken, I am sure errors have crept in. Please let me know using the contact button below


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This site was created by Andrew Tiedt, director at J Sutton Associates.